Snowball Asset Management firmly embraces the power of compounding and takes a long-term view to grow and preserve its assets and investments for generations to come.

The company’s philosophy is centered around the power of compounding, a principle that allows investments to grow exponentially over time, akin to a snowball gaining size and momentum. This strategy not only seeks substantial long-term growth, but also emphasizes the preservation of the company’s assets, balancing wealth accumulation with risk mitigation.

Beyond focusing on the immediate future, Snowball adopts a long-term generational perspective by leveraging the power of compounding to ensure the company’s assets and investments continue to thrive for generations to come.

We are patient yet strategic in our approach.

Snowball at a Glance

Established in 2021, Snowball is an asset management company based in Mongolia. The company owns MNT35 billion (USD$11 million) portfolio as of 31st of December 2022, mainly in Mongolia, Indo-Pacific, EMEA, and US.

Our Strategy

Snowball's strategy involves a long-term approach and patient capital utilization, leveraging the power of compounding across 4 different areas.

Fixed Income

Our credit strategies invest into both liquid and illiquid instruments, meticulously sourced from borrowers and public markets, reflecting our enduring commitment to a diverse, balanced investment approach.

Private Equity

Our private equity strategies are anchored in patient capital, prioritizing long-term value creation in private companies, emphasizing sustained growth and resilience in alignment with our philosophy of compounding over times.

Real Assets

Our real assets investment strategies embody our long-term and patient capital approach, focus on identifying and investing in real estate assets with enduring value potential, promoting growth and stability in line with our commitment to the power of compounding.

Listed Equity

Our listed equities strategies seek to invest in undervalued public companies with long-term growth potential emphasizing patient capital approach.

Compounding Growth via Navigating Megatrends - The Snowball Way.

The power of compounding doesn’t operate in isolation, however. Its effectiveness is greatly enhanced when combined with a keen understanding and forward-looking perspective of global megatrends. These trends, which include technological breakthroughs, demographic and social change, shifting economic power, climate change and resource scarcity, and rapid urbanization, have the potential to dramatically reshape the investment landscape. Thus, the philosophy of compounding, patient capital utilization and long-term view, coupled with an astute understanding of global megatrends, forms the cornerstone of Snowball Asset Management’s strategy.

Technological Breakthrough

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Demographics and Social Change

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Changing Economic Power

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Climate Change and Resource Scarcity

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Rapid Urbanization

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